Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I have been a bit busy of late with expanding at the WAC, floods and all and something has had to give....
This was to be my holiday reading list. Fortunately they look nice as a coffee table decoration as I am yet to sink my teeth into them.
 The other is the housework. I used to be one of those people who couldn't go anywhere or do anything if the house wasn't in strict order. Check out these cobwebs, a virtual village of eight legged new found friends...they have gone beyond mere cobwebs and I feel like I am in Northanger Abbey or Great Expectations. I always wanted to be in a Gothic novel but this is getting a bit to Halloween. Occasionally a lone scout from the above army of arachnids likes to drop down on a long strand of web and then we watch as he ascends back up to his home. (Notice also we are soon to enter into darkness with only two bulbs still working)

This is as far as I have got with most of these books...the covers, but don't they look good. Yes I know "don't judge a book by its cover" but the titles alone are enough to get me excited.
This one I purchased as I was unashamedly captivated by the recent series Nine by Design...did anyone else watch it?
 Imagine my excitement when I was flicking through and spotted this as a source for the talented design team....Yes no surprises really... Desire to Inspire Of course if I was a good friend and actually read Jo's media page I would have already known this. But to be honest it was much more exciting to  "discover" this myself. So employing the scientific theory..ahmm..of six degrees of seperation (and also because Jo is so lovely to share her purchases from me on her page within her blog) the words theoldboathouse could have been uttered by Courtney or Robert themselves (authors of Downtown chic)...I know dream on lovie...but hey day dreaming is all I have time for at the moment..ha.
            This is going to be a go to book I can just tell.
Ohh and there has been a few more casualties eight legged friends are no longer lodgers. RIP. And look at those bright lights!! Happy Australia Day!


  1. Dear Katherine...happy Australia day for starters!!

    I too am a clean freak & stressing about it ALL the time...HOWEVER spiders are my BIGGEST BIGGEST fear in this whole wide world...

    I dream about them at least ONCE a week & wake up feeling "them" crawling down my back....SOOOO I am just SOOOO pleased you have gotten rid of your little lot...!!

    (ps..wont go into the story of when driving & one came out from behind the steering wheel...fell into my dress & was crawling up my hair..A HUNTSMAN).....NO wonder i have a phobia..

    Anyway...those books look very interesting...
    I have just been flicking through "Romantic Style" book today for a bit of inspiration..
    otherwise ZILCH happening in my end of the world..

    xxx andrea

  2. Some of those books! Fabulous!

    I'd be keen to know where you purchased? Did you irk Gerry Harvey and purchase online?

  3. Those books look for fab reading, those cobwebs bless you they were seriously big ;-)) It would be the spiders that would concern me i dont mind the little ones its the big ones that i can't handle and having no man in the house makes it even worse ;-)) Enjoy your day, dee x

  4. these books are wonderful! Happy Australia Day to you! lovely greetings

  5. What a funny post Katherine or is it Morticia? The spider webs are out in force, aren't they? We have a few over the daggy ceiling light in our study too. Webs definitely look better on a chandelier than the el cheapo fitting we have.

    Your stack of books looks fabulous too. A design reading feast! xx

  6. I watch Nine by Design too. That book is a tad pricey over here though. I hope you get to enjoy your books soon.

  7. Dear MMMC and Deb,Internet guilty. I purchased from Amazon. They had excellent rates on postage if you ordered heaps of stuff. cheers Katherine

  8. All those books look fabulous. I have read Downtown Chic and im sure you will LOVE it, it is one book that never goes back on the shelf, they have great taste and I find them so inspiring I couldn't wait for their show to hit our shores. Enjoy your wonderful reads. You have very creative arachnids in your home btw. Megan xx


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