Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Art Deco to Retro Art Glass, Flapper Half Doll, Depression era Chest of Drawers plus more today.

        Today Kristen went to an Estate at Aspley and came home with some real treasures. The year seems hardly underway and I am already being confronted with the delima " to keep or not to keep ? ". Sigh.
                                      Barsony era lady, lovely size and colour of her skirt and head scarf.
                                        Lots of red glass.
                                           Charming cruet set with the popular 1930's desert theme, palm trees etc. Similar to the prints pictured further below and ink well set in blue glass, behind.
                                        I LOVE half dolls. I don't collect them but soooo wish I had started years ago particulary when  you get cuties like the one on the left. She might have to stay with me for a while anyway.
                                 Old tobacco tins.
                               Two more favourites. Lace iron with trivet and small depression era Chest of Drawers.
                                         Pity the detail of the trivet is hidden underneath.
                 Note the delicate details such as the handles and the metal strips on the corners,
                                           Nice bright colours on this pair of prints.
                                           I wonder who this pair are. Lovely ornate frame.
                                          Swan Lake...the ballet, on the right was a popular theme in prints from the 1940's to 1960's along with the ballet Giselle. The painting on the left  made me think of my friend Julie from Being Ruby, as it has two of  her favourite things, the sea and the moon peaking out from behind a night sky. To contact please email


  1. Hey Katherine
    You're so sweet.. I was just looking at that print and thinking how much liked it..

    Hope you're year has started well... I've been a bit slack at blogging at trying to catch up with visits!! Take care and have fun with deciding whether to keep or not!! ciao xxx Julie

  2. wowee.. just looked at the close up image.. and that painting/print is terrific.. so moody!!! xxx

  3. You definitely shouldn't keep that painting of he sea, you should put it up on eBay straight away and send me the link ;-)

  4. Hi Katherine, I would definitively keep the flapper half doll and the little chest of drawers, love love. Actually I have to get back to you about the needle case if you still have it available, Tamara

  5. So many things Katherine! It is always sad to see photos of children unwanted. I wonder who they are too... xx

  6. Yummy stuff, yes I had a little collection of half dolls for a while but ended up selling them eventually. They are very sweet! Email me if you are selling blue inkwell set and chest of drawers, would like to enquire about prices :0)
    ps. a good way to start the new year with such great finds!

  7. Ahh... so many good finds, must have brought so much enjoyment to your day, Sending best wishes your way for 2011 xx

  8. ohhh some lovely finds wow what a lot ;-) I love the half dolls and the one you pointed out is my favorite to. I have one that used to belong to my nan my mum made a beautiful full 50's skirt for her they were used as ladies pin cushions. Have a great day. Dee x

  9. Hi Katherine, hope you had a great Christmas and New Year celebration.
    What an amazing haul to start the new year off with! That half doll should definitely stay visiting you for a while - she is wonderful.

  10. Little chest of drawers! How gorgeous are they? So cute for a doll.

    I've never heard of half-dolls ... amazing the things you find and I'd only skim over and miss their beauty.

  11. I've never heard of half dolls either, aren't they lovely! Cheers x

  12. What a great way to start the year, hopefully more to come! I agree that half doll is fantastic. I love the little chest of drawers as well.

  13. Hi Katherine great goodies ,have you set up yet at WAC.
    Will have to come and see.
    Love you Bev.

  14. Brisbane =vintage treasureJanuary 15, 2011 at 6:28 PM



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