Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Some of my vintage items for auction on ebay this week

To see all my ebay auctions for this week please click here or you can email me at boathome@bigpond.net.au


  1. OOh...what good finds! I love the trunk and the cute little wicker chair:)

  2. I see you're cornering the sleepy hollow chair market in Brisbane, Katherine...I do like the look of that sad old day bed.

  3. Love the look of the daybed. My daughter was just asking the other day if we could get a slide for our pool! Thanks for sharing all your gorgeous finds again. Michelle

  4. WHEEEEEEEEE!!! My boys would love that slide :-)

  5. Some very tempting stuff there indeed!


  6. Hey Katherine
    It's me!! The slowest blogger in the universe.. with the slowest internet in aussie land!!!

    Wow.. that slide cracks me up... the kids can escape over the fence!!! and are they Featherstone chairs?

    Thanks for your comment... it's a funny thing.. whenever I have a particular feel about an 'aussie' image I think you get it... maybe it's the telegraph poles again..

    Have a great week.. will try to get back.. internet works well sometimes.. xxx Julie

  7. What did the sleepy hollow chairs sell for if you still have them I am very interested call me on 0410 556 871


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