Sunday, August 8, 2010

Jennifer Hawkins and Frankie's Chairs

We have had a lot of items over the years appear in movies and commericals. But I thought these old metal chairs were worth a highlight.
My oldest son Frankie has "gatherings" around an old table with his mates every now and then. The latest Myer ad features Former Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins dancing around a beach and near the end of the commerical, Frankie's chairs, which we hired out for a week to a local production company. As one of his mates says..."Poor Jennifer, if only she new what went on with those chairs."
Last Night

The Myer Commercial

This Morning the Day after the Night Before

Yes....poor Jennifer....don't worry though Frankie will be cleaning it up as soon as he and his mates emerge.


  1. Hi Katherine , famous chairs now.
    Cant believe you still have them they are so great.

  2. Hi Bev, I'm under strict orders not to sell...Frankie was worried enough when I hired them out that he may not get them back...haha

  3. What?? Frankie has more famous furniture than me!! Great story, Katherine.

  4. Gotta love it~! My almost 17 year old would love to be able to tell his mates that hehehe!

    Come join in the fun with my new weekly post MY VINTAGE TREASURES...all welcome~!



  5. I will not tell my son about this because then you will have to lock those chairs up!
    Have a great Sunday Katherine.

  6. Hi Katherine....very funny post...

    & we wont say anything to Ms Hawkins!!!

    xx andrea

  7. I love it! Dont worry, Jen Hawkins is surely no saint herself ;)

  8. AND my question is... How did one of frankies chairs end up down here in our house??? Too funny. BTW I love those chairs!!

  9. Too funny Katherine. I haven't seen chairs like that in a long time! :)

  10. Great story, that's a really nice advert. I'll be looking for the famous chairs when I ee the advert on tv next :)

  11. Ha, funny story. Love the after photo... brings back memories of feral uni days! A-M xx

  12. Hi Katherine, What a great story! Love your sailor dolls, I popped over earlier to check them out, have a good one, Tamara x

  13. Hi Katherine, well even Jennifer has to suffer for glamour right?!! She should be so lucky, those chairs are so cool... She may want to buy them!! Pruxxx

  14. What a cool story, especially for Frankie and his mates. Great chairs too!


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