Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mama Bird and Baby Bird

My driveway looks like a disaster zone...stuff everywhere.... and I do admit I feel a little overwhelmed. The joys of working from home...NOT! So before I take pictures and tackle the goodies Kristen got yesterday I thought I would quickly show you this lovely peacock chair and its' cute! There is something about peacock chairs, maybe its the drama of them, for they are not very comfy, but they do satisfy the Boho princess in us all don't you think?


  1. These are just way too cute Katherine!

  2. Hi Katherine, your right these chairs done seem comfortable at all but god they look good painted white. Hope your having a good weekend. Sandy x

  3. Hello there Katherine....!!

    THANK YOU for all your notes recently....PLEASE forgive that I've not been about much....I've been feeling a little overwhelmed myself....hahahahaha....!!

    I couldn't agree more about the peacock chair....LOVELY to look at but a tad uncomfortable....!

    I can't wait to see the rest of the loot....!

    Have an AWESOME Sunday....!

    Tamarah :o)

  4. I very much agree with you.
    To this little girl, they looked like a throne.
    To this old girl, they look like torture!

  5. Hi Katherine, I'm a HUGE lover of peacock chairs... I would love one but I just don't have the space in my tiny little fibro house... Isn't the little one so cute too. I'm thinking I'd like one for one of my Flotsam Friends dolls!! Hope you're having a lovely weekend. Yes, I know that overwhelming feeling... Can't wait to see what else you've found. Pruxxx

  6. I had that chair as a teenager! My mother tried to surprise my sister and I with them one Christmas. Somehow she managed to get those giant chairs in the house, up the stairs and into her walk-in closet without us noticing. And then about an hour later I went into her closet to get something -- surprise ruined. I think I felt worse than she did.

  7. Friends had these chairs growing up - your right not very comfy but very cute! I know how you feel about being overwhelmed, sometimes I just look into my office and feel that way - baby steps I tell myself!

    Thanks for your comments on my blog - not sure if I bought the reel from your store or not. It was with two others - don't remember it having a shelf of sewing stuff - think I know which one you have and don't think it was from there. Anyway, think I have bought things from yours before. I just adore going to the WAC and try to go at least every second week. Have a great Sunday. Michelle

  8. Hi Katherine!
    You always find the neatest stuff. I have not seen a peacock chair in ages.

    Thanks for your comments...I am "hearing" your drummer boy play his cymbal. Strangely (and don't tell my DB this), I miss the sounds of the band in my garage. (The guys have studio space now.) I now understand why my old (literally) neighbor used to come over to listen to the band practice. Would you believe, I found myself standing in a neighbor's drive listening to her son play the drums? (Am I getting old?)
    Jane (Artfully graced)

  9. Oh! these old chairs are amazing! AND I have the middle size chair!! Russ sends his love and said everything is all Leeanne x


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