Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cottage Garden Nursery News Update

Feels like Spring at the Nursery....gotta love Daisies!!
Welcome John (back) and Courtney (on the coffee machine) owners of the cafe at the Garden Centre. John will be familiar to Garden Centre regulars but he has stepped up to owner and is making some great new menu changes. His fav on the menu is the Vegetarian Breakfast....hash browns, eggs, asparagus, spinach, avocado and tomato....YUM!! Courtney says to look out for the regular specials such as the Ribs. The coffee has been tweeked and it is soooo good! Lunch time sees the addition of pastas to the menu. All of the food, including the cakes are made on the premisies. Bookings can be made for larger groups. Coffee shop is open 7 days 7am -2pm.

The hanging baskets look does not
do the atmosphere justice.

Shop 17 ----theoldboathouse

Jugs...always useful for baking, flowers or display.

Another obsession - crocheted Nana or Granny them!

The florist always has the most beautiful arrangements. These ones are headed to an old girl's function at a nearby school and will look wonderful centrepieces.
Nursery is open 7 Days, 999 Stanley St East, East Brisbane....just before The Lord Stanley Hotel heading into the city.


  1. I absolutely love the boat it is so wonderful

  2. Oh Katherine
    What a wonderful space.. Love the outdoor area with it's ferns and striped awnings.. Congratulations to John on his new venture!

    So.. love that boat too.. my grandfather and brother used to build model ships.... I've always had a weakness for anything sea related..

    Hey just spying more stuff I like in your shop.. that sideboard looks gorgeous!! PS... i've never seen all of the toolman.. only his hat bobbing up over the fence line.. maybe he is Wilson!! hahaha but as noisy as Tim..

    Have a wonderful weekend.. thanks for popping by.. xxx Julie

  3. Hi Katherine, Oh wow. I'm so visiting next time I'm up in Brisbane to see family. Looks so sweet that cafe. I'm totally loving everything in those photos too, particularly the shellcraft that's hanging to the left of the "sold" boat!!! I'm also a huge sucker for crocheted blankets and and am loving the colours in these ones. Pruxxx

  4. Hi Katherine,
    It looks like a lovely spot to sit and relax with a cup of Joe. I love the garden theme and all the plants. Very nice.

    Second Hand Chicks

  5. It looks like such a great place to visit and I reckon I'd spend a lot of time there.
    Have a great Sunday :)

  6. A yummy avocado breakfast, followed by shopping at shop 17... sounds like a plan to me :-)

  7. Oh gosh hash browns for breakfast is enough to lure me in but looks like lots of fun treasures to be found about the place as well.


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