Sunday, July 15, 2012

WAC update and Instagram addiction

A quick update of what is new at the WAC and an apology and explanation as to why I have been so slack with blogging.

Firstly the WAC.  There were lots of new goodies on offer at the WAC this week. Including three groovy mid century chairs, 2 of which have already sold.

Large slim line Silky Oak desk.
Retro dresser.
Heaps of fab green glass and green items like this turtle cookie jar.

Groovy spotted retro glasses.

Lovely cream Bakelite clock, still working well.

Set of six delicate green retro glasses. 
BUT why the slack blogging. Well I am addicted to INSTAGRAM.
For those of you not in the Know, and that was me a week ago..... Instagram is an app you can download onto your phone and it allows you to share photos and images quickly with other people also on Instagram. It is much more immediate than the blog but of course is limited as to how much information  you can include. So if your not on it I recommend you do, its lots of fun. You can find me at Katherinetheoldboathouse . Oh and it will give you a chance to see items quickly as they come in and even get in quick and snap them up like a certain instagrammer and blogger did with this lonely casala chair above. 


  1. So with you on the instagram thing. I actually think it works for you in terms of posting individual items with their prices. That works for me.

    I love instagram. I love following you on it.

  2. Thanks Carmel, straight back at you. I appreciate the feedback because I was wondering if people found me a bit like spam with all my photos with prices etc ha. Somehow Instagram seems easier to fit in around what we do. It is so quick and easy. Hope you have a good week at work.

  3. Oh lordy, guess I'd bette follow you there too!!

  4. Well I think you already know I love Instagram. It's great for instant gratification personalities like mine!

  5. I'm so out of the Instagram loop.

  6. Instagram is the bomb. So easy, friendly and fun :)
    You have lots of yummy things in store Katherine. If I was up your way I'd be like a bad smell around your shop :)

  7. I'm as addicted to instagram as you Katherine. It delights my visual senses to see all the lovely photos you post, and I agree it's much quicker to like and comment on instagram than it is on blogs.

  8. Like the green glass.
    I think sites like facebook and instagram are so much faster that blogging is taking a back seat. I have to try instagram.

  9. Love that you're on instagram. I'll email about the chair. xx

  10. I'm definitely going to have to learn more about your images!!

  11. roller doors sydney

    Hi. I'm quite curious of how Instagram works. Thanks to you I've read a little information about it.

  12. I've been addicted to Instagram since February, and get more addicted every day! I love following you there :)


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