Thursday, July 5, 2012

Opinions Needed ~ Sneek Preview of New WAC Commercial

The fabulous staff at the WAC have been busy "hatching" a new TV/ Cinema commercial of our amazing Woolloongabba Antique Centre. They have let me share this sneak preview with you all. So don't be shy folks, please leave your comment and tell us what you think, so I can pass on your feedback!


  1. I actually don't mind it. Quirky and fun. Will it be for cinema advertising?'s quite long.

    Not so sure about the chick gorging herself with cake, but who am I to judge, as I eat the same way!!!

  2. I like it, the model is very nice but like Brismod am not sure about the cake eating. Bit messy?

  3. It's nice but it does feel a little long - for cinema ads I think 30 seconds is about as long as they should be.

    I would cut out all the scenes between "Come to where the past comes to life ..." and the last frame with the contact details - it seems a bit repeatish. "Come to where the past comes to life" should be the third last frame, then the next frame would be "Woolloongabba Antique Centre" overlaid over the frame at about 0:24 (general antiquey shot) and then the last frame with an outside shot of WAC along with the details. I feel at the moment that the frame that is in there with the location details doesn't really melt with the rest of the ad style wise.

    I'm really not sure about the frames with the girl eating the cake - it cheapens the ad and not in a good way I think.

    I like it though.

  4. Not mad on it really. I don't feel it shows the overall style of the place, and shows too much of the overacting model rather than the stock. How many times do we need to see her mouth??

  5. I think it's cute but what do I know???

  6. I like it but agree the ad could be shorter and focus on the antiques a bit more than the girl, although maybe men will disagree with me, love the style of the ad though, makes me want to visit :-)

  7. I love the style of the footage (maybe a little shorter and no cake) and really like the music but am not really a big fan of the type. Everything else comes together nicely but I feel like the type doesn't quite match the quality of the rest.


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