Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Coming Good on Broken Promises ~ unpacking the treasures

So I said I would show you photos as I unpacked...sorry about that but with school holidays I just don't know where the days go. But as they say, better late then never.... so get set for a lot of photos. I have already cleaned a fair amount but I am yet to get to the bags of stuff and I notice there is still two boxes and a line of china on the floor.
The dining room and kitchen floor were a sea of paper

People often say to me "Thank goodness for dishwashers." I wonder why because with vintage gear dishwashers are evil and strip china of their patterns and turn old metals a funny white...so it is all hand cleaned the old fashioned way. 
Cleaning central
Bad luck if anyone wants to use the microwave or make a coffee.
I unpacked lots of lovely Beswick,  Carltonware and Royal Winton

Everything you have seen so far has gone to the Garden Centre, while the bulk of what is coming next has gone to the WAC.

Fabulous complete drinks set with no damage....a rarity these days. 

Check out the snakes made from old  bottles.

Loved these vases and the ones below

These fine early Japanese tea cups and sugar bowl have gone to the Garden Centre. 

Oh and the kangaroo heads went to the WAC and caused quite a stir. Here they are on display near the front door. They sold on the weekend and so have gone on to a new home. I hope they are loved. 


  1. Those kangaroo heads are still haunting me! I wonder who bought them and where they plan on displaying them? Crazy!!

  2. Precisely why I don't buy china and glassware...I'm as lazy as they come and don't like cleaning it - ha! Kudos to you for all that hand washing. I like the kangaroos too!


  3. Just lovely Katherine. And good on you for the hand washing...does Kristen ever say you missed a bit...
    Those kanga heads...there are no words...I wonder if Kelvin bought them for Jo? xx

  4. Oh shut UP, I need another house lot PRONTO!!!

  5. OH Katherine! You always seem to find such beautiful things. You're right finding complete sets of drinking glasses is rare.

  6. Oh My God im loving those 50's frosted glasses the design is gorgeous you know how much i love this and collect it ;-) Those colours are lovely, and im loving those 2 pink spotty and stripe vases to what great finds, dee x

  7. WOW those treasures are amazing! I dropped into the WAC during the week and bought a pink scalloped tea cup set from you, eyed the rose tea cup set off too while I was there! Even the kids found some treasures to bring home! Hope you are all well & keeping warm! x


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