Monday, July 23, 2012

Handbags and Other things...

We have had lots of treasures coming in but for some reason I have had a little trouble getting the photos to transfer from my phone. Below are some amazing handbags that will be heading over to the WAC

Below is a fabulous mid century room divider. Open shelves on top and the bottom doors are double sided. 

This one and the double couch below have headed over to the WAC today along with some other goodies.

I like the slatted back. Covered in classic vinyl. I'll try and post some more photos soon.


  1. the handbags are all so lovely Katherine! Kate x

  2. Love the shape of that couch!! Great looking timber!

  3. Those hand bags are just gorgeous! xx

  4. BOTTEGA VENETAというブランドは御存知ですか?ファッション業界の先に歩んでいて、現在は幅広いファンを虜にしていますよ!さらに、日本のファッション雑誌にも登場し、人気NO 1 ?さぁ、今から、一緒にボッテガ 財布 の話に進みましょう!!


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