Monday, December 5, 2011

Things Katherine saw on the way to Noosa

First off , I must say sorry to Katherine's blog readers and indeed Katherine.

Katherine asked me to take over postings on the blog as Lottie has not be well for a week or more and has had to go to hospital.
She trusted me to keep up with regular postings but alas ............. what can I say, I am very good a being a typical husband...
In any case a few weeks ago we went off for a few days up the coast.
Instead of going via the gateway we had an errand to run in the city so I got a chance to show Katherine a couple of interesting sights I had discovered just north of the city in Herston and Windsor.
What else do you do on a long drive to the beech ?

Here are some of the pictures Katherine took.

This is a fence in front of a old Queenslander in Herston
It is in Fagan st. So the fence seems to fit the Dickens name of the Street.
It is a dead end street, so I wonder how many people have seen it and yet,it must be one of the best old fences in Brisbane.
It is not in front of that grander a house, but I think it is original to the house.
Speaking of not very grand homes, this tiny house is in Windsor one suburb along from Herston

It looks like not much bigger than a bedroom a verandah and a kitchen.
I think it might have once been the old signal box for the train station.


  1. Pls say hi to Katherine for me, I'll be thinking of her and I hope Lottie improves asap.

  2. Doing a great job there Kristen.

    Very best wishes to all the family and Lotte getting better real soon. xx

  3. Good job! I hope Lotte is better soon. That tiny house is amazing.

  4. Love your post Kristen. I hope Lotte is well very soon! xx

  5. What interesting houses, the second is so unusual.

    Sorry to hear that Lotte is unwell, I hope she is feeling 100% better soon! Thinking of you all, Tam x

  6. The gargoyle fence is pretty fascinating. Sorry to hear about poor Lotte. I hope she and Katherine are home soon. Take it easy. xx

  7. Hope your lovely girl is better really soon xxx

  8. I seems like a haunted house for me. Thank you for sharing this one.

  9. Looks like a haunted house for the too in the first photo. Thanks for sharing such a nice post. You did a super job! :)

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