Thursday, December 8, 2011

Full CLEAN table

  Since Katherine and Lottie have given themselves over earlier this week to the tender mercys of the lovely folk at the Mater Children's, our dining table has filled up again.
Sadly life does not stop, so estates still come along.
Happily I guess from our point of view, after all as Simba's dad would say 'it is the great circle of life.'

So here are a few of the more interesting things I found this week from 3 different old Brisbane Homes.
Art glass wall vase.
Huge 60's deer vase, next to two MCP Bambi's 
Two tall brass cats
Old Hydrometer that the family had brought with them when they sold up there grandads pub in Gympie
Back in the day.
Cheeky Scottie Dog.
This Crown Ducal vase looks very much like Christmas
Trench art Quoits set
My favourite a Ushers Whisky Boer War Match Striker with Kipling's verse 'The Absent Minded Beggar'

Luckily for Katherine the table is not only full for when she and Lot come home, it has also all been cleaned.
Modesty prevents me from mentioning by who.


  1. STOP!! Save those bambies for me! I'll pay anything! (I can't believe I put that in writing).

    Love to Katherine and Lotte. Actually, maybe you should keep one bambi for your sick baby, it may cheer her up.

  2. kristen you are doing a fab job with the blog. Can you please pass on my love to Katherine - hope Lotte is better very soon. Karen

  3. What finds! I like the tall cats, and I like your Lion King reference.
    I hope Lotte is okay, and home for christmas. Love to Katherine.
    PS - Excellent cleaning modest one.


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