Friday, November 25, 2011

It's beginning to look alot like CHRISTMAS ~ at the Cottage Garden Nursery

This week I got in the Christmas spirit at The Cottage Garden Nursery and set up this fun Christmas table.
I used this great Trestle Table that was already painted a nice Shabby white and paired it with some odd Kitchen chairs. instead of one tree I got a bit excited and did four. The decorations are all from my vintage collection of course.

With the addition of some pretty china,
and the some gold and silver too
a few bon bons and candles,
it now looks like Christmas at the Nursery.

These stars that I have hung from my ladder are new but I couldn't resist them.
There are lots of new, old things at the Nursery too
Kristen got this Edwardian Chest of Drawers only this morning.
It has been fully restored not long ago.
I can never resist split cane and these pair are child size.
This is an Antique book binding instrument, for sewing book pages and spines together.
I am about to head over to the WAC with some great treasures I can't wait to show you. Frankie, my eldest said.." Mum there is NO way that all that stuff is going to fit in your car"...Ahh but it has yey, even if I have to drive with my knees squashed up to the dash and a spear dangerously close to my neck..ha. I hope you have a great weekend. I am super excited ONE MORE SLEEP till DOLLY PARTON....can't's Dolly Parton people...such a star, such a legend!!! 


  1. I love the shop, i spent some 'Jane' time there a few weeks ago. I loved so many things, your shop if great, so much to look at, a devine morning tea which had to include a slice (huge) of orange and almond cake. Want to know my favourite thing? The canary. He absolutely completed my visit. what a charming whistler! He brought back special childhood memories of the canary we had as children. Hope to pop over again soon to do some christmas shopping, for me! best wishes, Jane x

  2. I'm going to take my mother over to the garden centre one of these days, she'll love it!!

  3. Just went to the Cottage Garden for lunch and saw your beautiful table. I have the stars too - love them. I heard that Dolly was fantastic - enjoy it.

  4. Wish I could pop in.. Wish I could have seen you packed to the brim.. can just imagine that..

    Have a great weekend. ciao xxx Julie

  5. Can't wait to hear about Dolly, she will be so fab!!

  6. You're right. Legend!

    Picture after picture of fabulousness yet again. I had the blue s&p set (the one by your tis the season to be jolly sign) once.

  7. Carmel really loves those Christmas crackers.

  8. Oh it looks fabulous!... and I love the silver and the teacups. I'm coming down today to have a rummage. A-M xx

  9. I completely love this chest of drawers piece and the color of the wood is mesmerizing... I am still waiting for my right pick.It is a good storage unit which can be utilized and decorated in various ways.

  10. I will have to make a special visit to your store, it all looks amazing. I will follow on my way out to ensure I know the path back here. I hope you can find the time to visit me and do the same soon. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  11. How was the concert, fabulous I bet?! Lovely chrissy display well done
    alicia :)

  12. I am feeling the happy Christmassy vibe! X


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