Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A few of our recent retro finds

Ercol nest of elm pebble tables.

Original retro posters


bakelite speaker
PS Katherine says to say thanks for all your kind wishes it really cheers her up.


  1. Hello ercol pebble tables. Want to come live at Joey's house? :)

  2. Great minds think alike, eh Jo? And great posters Kristen. x

  3. Just catching up with the blog.. sorry I'm so late to wish Lottie well and Katherine a good rest!

    You're doing a stellar job at keeping up the blog slot!... Love the little tour you gave us.. [that fence is a beauty].. and well... you outed the dog for sitting on the couch!!... didn't you know some things are sacred and shouldn't be blog material!!

    Have a great week and hope all things improve quickly!! ciao ciao xxx Julie

  4. Lovely those Ecrol pebble tables are gorgeous i saw a set once and they are made so well, a real vintage gem and a beauty but the price is very high. dee xx


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