Friday, November 11, 2011

Today at the WAC and the Garden Centre

                            New things at the WAC and the Cottage Garden Nursery today.

Super Groovy coffee table with pull out poufes.

Old Radio

Loved the cantilever suitcase. Perfect for crafters to keep all their goodies in style

Super groovy retro speakers.
The matador and Bull area...


Groovy Bar Stools
Perfectly aged kitchen chair, just the right amount of wear to give it a genuine shabby look.
Matching pair of Italian ornate lamps. I really like the colour and shape of the shades.

At the Garden Centre

Twinkly chandelier lamp...these used to be super popular back when I used to do heaps of eBay. I could pack these beauties in my sleep, if I do say so myself. Mind you I could think of a thousand things I'd rather do...
Sweet rocking horse.
And look at these iceberg roses... stunning and they smell wonderful.
I also love these hydrangeas.

I can't help myself I always have to check out the cakes Gillian has on offer in the cafe. I imagine which one I would choose out of the to die for collection. Today it would be the Carrot Cake...check out how thick that icing is.
And look it's sparkly...YUM! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. 


  1. that cane rocking chair is perfecto! it'll get snapped up quick smart this weekend I bet.

  2. Lucky that cane rocker wasn't there when I visited the other day or I'd be having a crisis of chair space at my house right now :)

  3. Wow, mum and dad have one of those coffee tables with the pouffes! I'll have to tell them how funky they are now :) they used to have a matching lounge, dining table and buffet. Tragically they all went when none of this stuff was popular. I'd love to have their old buffet now...
    Love the look of the sparkly cake!

  4. Always so many interesting little treasures to be discovered at your place :) have a great weekend

  5. Back to work for you - no rest for the wicked, hey Katherine. I'll have to have a little sticky beak at the Garden Centre...and I'll make sure to have a piece of cake too. xx

  6. Great finds, that cake looks delicious. Mimi xx

  7. That wicker rocker is delightful. Rocking chairs are one of my favourite inventions.

    I think I really need some heavy cane outdoor furniture. I'll be keeping an eye on what you discover!

  8. So much great suff as always, I don't know how you do it.xx.

  9. Hey back at ya Katherine! So fab to hear from you, and would you believe that I've been thinking about you a bit lately.....that it was about time for a visit to the WAC and the Garden Centre!? I'll be there very soon!
    It has been absolutely ages, yes!! I do hope all is well with your and the family. I haven't been around an awful lot lately on the blogs. Sadly once I got off track, I've found it rather hard to get back on it!! :)

    Now, everything in your stores look fab as usual. I'm in love with that lovely old radio, and I can almost taste that wonderful looking cream cheese topping on the carrot cake! Drooling now! :)))) x

  10. Thanks so much for visiting and following my blog. You have the most wonderful collection of treasures. I'd love to be able to browse around and get lost there for a while! - Sharon

  11. I have got to get up there! I am looking forward through the tunnel and I see some light!!! Yay! Catch you soon! X

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  13. The colour of those Hydrangea is stunning! I so wish they could survive our apartment balcony!

  14. Trabalhar nessa loja é como estar no paraiso !!!
    Eu adoro antiguidades !!!
    Gostei muito do teu blog !!!Vou voltar sempre...Abraços Jane

  15. One of these days Katherine I'm going to pop up to visit!! and try hard not to buy it all!!

    Thanks for popping in.. I;m such a slacker these days... never quite getting around to visit all I want to..!!!

    Have a great week.. ciao xxx Julie

  16. So many gorgeous things, I'm going to have to scroll up and look again.


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