Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mid week at the WAC

Lots of new goodies went over to the WAC today and I hope to get more there tomorrow. Below is a few pictures of some of my favourite new things.

Hope you are all having a good week.


  1. Have you got enough crates woman?! I want to know why the cow bookends aren't shown here please!!!

  2. Oh but I love those crates! I can feel a visit to the WAC coming on this weekend :) F x

  3. The locker should be mine. It just should be.

  4. How do you find this stuff? Those water glasses are calling me.

  5. Wow i would so love to come and have a mouch around. love those glasses. hope your enjoying your week to, dee x

  6. can never have enough crates...wooden or metal. The cows are very very special, ha...I like to keep a few extra special things to surprise customers when they visit. Come to think of it I don't remember seeing them yesterday, maybe someone decided they needed to live with them...

    F. Visiting the WAC is always fun...did you get those chairs last time?

    Jo, they are wonderful aren't they.

    Deb, we never ever stop looking. But it is Kristen who is the purchaser, I am the cleaner / organiser / shop girl, who does a tiny bit of buying.

    Thanks Dee wouldn't it be lovely if you could visit.

  7. Hi Katherine, I was up there a few weeks ago with Sandy. Always hoping to bump into you, maybe next time!
    Your spaces look amazing :)

  8. Sooooo many treasures there! I am looking forward to coming up very soon! X


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