Friday, July 22, 2011

To Market, to Market....The Best Jam Stall in Brissie

Below is Nan, dressed to impress, a few years ago now at The St Paul's Anglican Church Market Day. That year it was a Heritage theme. Each Year Nan is the convener of "The Jam Stall". A role Nan takes very seriously and this year she has been rounding up her crew of Jam, Pickle, Marmalade and Chutney cooks and busily sourcing fruit from anyone with a lemon, orange or any fruit for that matter, tree in their backyards.

And here are her faithful mates at the craft stall, no pun intended ha. This band of ladies and gents work so hard to raise funds and the Market Day at St. Paul's with it's old fashioned fun and stalls and new fangled trendy coffee van has become a "must do" on the Wynnum / Manly calender.
So for those of you who are partial to baked goods,hand made crafts, white elephant and book stands, not to mention looking at amazing floral displays and getting lucky with a raffle or two mark this day on your Calender, Saturday the 30 th July.
St Paul's is in Ernest St Manly right next to the Manly State School. Be sure to look out for Nan on the Jam Stall and try some of her speciality, Chilli Jam. 


  1. Nan looks so cute. Wish I lived closer, I would definitely be there, love me some good chilli jam.

  2. I love an old fashioned fete/fundraiser, Katherine!! I bet Nan makes a smokin' hot Chilli Jam too. xx

  3. Darn netball! I would rather be there! Maybe I could convince miss tiff she doesn't want to play! Hope Lottie is doing well! X

  4. Bless their little hearts! A-M xx

  5. I am glad Nan didn't find out about our mandarin tree. It is all marmaladed out now! Must try and get there and have a chat to Nan.
    Pam x

  6. Omg, chilli jam is one of my favourites katherine x x

  7. baked goods,hand made crafts, white elephant and book stands

    That's pretty much what I live for! We just did our annual visit to the country church fair in my in laws' town. There we buy all our jams, chutneys etc, dried herbs and garlic for the whole year, all provided/made by locals and their gardens.


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