Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Omnibus ~ All Aboard.

Okay, so this week blogging just hasn't happened but I have been taking lots of pictures with the best of intentions to do a this and that different blog posts. Honest. So today I just thought blow it. I will just do one GIANT post and show you some of the new things at the Garden Centre and the WAC, along with the journey of a fantastic old work bench we got below.
Here it is when it came in.

It has an unusual metal top. The metal is attached over the timber top and you can see the lines of the timber planks in the metal from years of the top being pushed and bashed etc.
It was a bit grubby to say the least.

But here it is all restored in my stall space at the WAC.
I love the patina of the metal top it is smooth and almost soft to touch.

Set of five classic aluminium canisters we I purchased during the week.
Oh we Kristen got this one on Wednesday. It will probably go up on eBay some time as it needs a bit of TLC. I think it would be good flipped and trimmed with the sides becoming the base and top.

The Garden Centre is looking lovely this time of year.The florist is full of jonquils and daffodils and the nursery is full of orchids and daises.
Here are a few pictures of some of the new items.

The cutest wheelbarrow!!
This one is an old feed bin. But I think it looks great as a planter. See the arms on the back that are hooked over the timber. I think you could hook it over a fence or a balcony perhaps.

If you look closely you can see these funny hanging wire planters we got. They are round and you would put a pot in the middle. Pictured are two but we have three.

And on to the WAC. We have had lots of boxes.
Manilla cane style coffee table with glass top.
Unusual little cane fellow. I think it would make a cute little mini bar.

Jugs, jugs and more jugs.
Are you still there at the end of all that ? Hope you all have a lovely weekend. Can't wait to get around ands see what you all have been up too.


  1. I stayed till the end drooling all the way thru xx

  2. I stayed to the end too. That old feed bin as a planter is such a fabulous idea. And that work bench looks pretty swish too with the oldboathouse treatment! xx

  3. That work bench came out so well! Wow! Love the singer table and the pigeon holes too! X

  4. I stayed until the end and loved all of it....but of course the work bench is my Fave....well done on the little clean ups.....x

  5. AAAhhh, so I'm not the only one daeling with an oil-encrusted surface this week, LOL!!!>>>pics on mine later this week! Hope Lotte is still on the

  6. Pure eye candy--I love, love that table! Had to look over your posting a few times--lots of wonderful things. Have a great weekend.

  7. Wow. I can't believe the workbench transformation. If only I had room for it. I don't think people appreciate how much work goes into what you present to sell but I can see it. Have a great weekend Katherine. xx

  8. It all looks amazing, very busy:)


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