Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Before and after Cupboard ~ Chipped Tooth and all

I purchased this cupboard recently and to be honest it turned out to not be as good as I first thought when I saw it at 5 am in the half light under an old house at a recent garage sale. I left  Kristen to pull it out with the old guy who owned the house so I could race on to the next sale as we had purchased quite a bit of stuff. Not only was the cupboard in a poor state but when Kristen moved it, the old fellow said "Watch your head" and then pushed the cupboard jerkly forward and up at the same time so it hit Kristen in the mouth, giving him a fat lip, chipping his tooth and jolting his head so that he hit his head anyway...Hmmm I was not Ms Popular. But Kristen being Kristen thought the sad old cupboard still had a bit of life left in it and he was also keen to get his revenge and recoup some Dentist costs ha.
This is the story of the transformation of this cupboard from crappy to happy and chic! The photo above is of one side which had lots of holes and wear.

You can also see that the top had to be taken off and put back as one side had been cut off to fit into a space and had no overhang like the other side.

You can see it looks much more even.
We used these old feet to give some height and also so the doors could be opened more easily.
And here is the completed cupboard outside the WAC. Given a fresh white makeover with new, old feet that look like they have always been there. If I do say so myself. I gave the edges the shabby treatment and it is now a really functional piece perfect for so many spots.
 Of course the saga of this not quite over, as Kristen has not yet been to the dentist.


  1. Yay, yay, yay, i'm off to check it out on Thursday, doing the rounds of Brisbane. So sorry to hear about the chipped tooth & fat lip, something i would totally do, although not having someone push it into me!! Love Posie

  2. That looks fantastic. It really does.

    Do you think you'll make enough to pay for the Dentist? Love Kristen's thinking.xx

  3. Wow that sucks about the tooth. But how good did that cabinet come out?! I think the feet really complete it. The whole thing looks fabulous! :)

  4. Oh no...um ayy!! poor Kristen.
    Great job on the cupboard though!
    Kiss Noises Linda

  5. Poor tooth great job hope it makes enuff for that tooth tho xx

  6. Oh no, poor Kristen, talk about battle scars. Hopefully it will be worth it when walk out the door (on its cute little bun feet).Have a great week, Tam x

  7. Oh dear, I hope you get enough for it to pay the dentist! I love the cupboard.

  8. Nice. Paint does wonders to old furniture..and I feel your pain with the chipped tooth.

  9. Wow that looks amazing now love the new feet on it that really sets it off well. O dea i hope he gets his tooth sorted soon and its not to costly, dee x

  10. Could you do a blog post on your dentist, aka along the lines of your blog post on your pharmacist?

  11. AAAHH! hi gorgeous lady...
    sorry i havent left a message for yonks..

    I actually deleted all my fav blogs on my sidebar..so getting them back..

    trying to remember who i had..??
    I do NOT know how i deleted them all.

    anyway..loving all your goodies..
    getting over the flu at the minute..

    xx andrea

  12. The cabinet looks fab and I am sure it will be gone to a good home in no time - and hopefully Kristen's visit to the dentist isn't too painful. karen

  13. OHH Katherine I feel terrible I didnt mention the horrible "TOOTH" drama..

    hope is all okay now?

    xx again..

  14. It's shame what poor Kriste had to put up with but it was well worth it!


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