Monday, July 4, 2011

Ready to Go....Today's items for the WAC and The Cottage Garden Nursery

I am very excited to be featured this week on Decorating Forum so if you have come to visit theoldboathouse today via the forum, hello and thanks so much for stopping by. Those who are regular visitors to this blog know I am a bit of a whinger when it comes to the cleaning of the goodies we find. So it was exciting today that the items I have been preparing to take over to The Cottage Garden Nursery and the Woolloongabba Antique Centre just needed a bit of a hose to knock the dust off.
This old wire garden bench chair and lovely shiny old coppers are loaded onto the ute ready to head off to the Nursery.
These old coppers started life out as the inserts of old boiler washing machines. They now look great as dramatic planters. Can't you just see them filled with palms ?
The old wire seat has a bit of an industrial feel to me.
As the items today didn't need too much done to them I thought it was a good chance to test out my new toy "Mr Gerni", pictured above. I am sure he and I are going to become close friends. I can't believe it has taken me so long to introduce myself to him. I mean I have only been cleaning stuff for 19 years ha. The items below have made there way over to the WAC.
Groovy Bar stools.
I really like the shape of the back
Old ladders. The green of the front one seems just perfect to me.
Below are a set of matching chairs.
Singer Sewing Machine Box. These ones are getting hard to find so I was excited when we came across it. But not as excited as I was to find the chap bellow. Industrial lovers get ready to drool......

Isn't he just heaven ? He has two things which make my heart sing, firstly he is wire and secondly he has all the pigeon holes...YUM!

At the back of him one of the previous owners has attached chicken wire. I thought about taking it off but it sort of went with the piece and it was attached so well it would have taken ages to take off so it has stayed.
Here he is at the WAC loaded with goodies. But what is that you say ? That's not my stall....Good noticing, you are right it's not. My lovely industrial wire pigeon hole chap didn't even make it into my stall. My lovely friend and fellow WAC seller Lisa from Industrial Revolution nabbed them before they hit the floor.  I should have taken a photo of Lisa and I hugging them. Sigh!


  1. Those wire pigeon holes are unbelievable. I'm not surprised that they were snapped up!

    They look so brilliant!!

  2. Wow I love so many of these items - stunning! I love the wire pigeon hole stand and the shape of it's legs is so interesting. But I love those ladder even more:) I bet everything will sell very fast:)
    Thanks for letting us feature you on the Decorating Forum this week:)

  3. Love those bar stools but it is those copper drums which are fabulous in my book.

    Don't you just love it when something like those wire shelves gets snapped up that quickly!! xx

  4. Great stuff, I want to hear more about the gerni though...sad life I have, he he!~

  5. The green ladder and wire rack make my heart, love, love!


  6. Industrial heaven!! Delish old ladders too. My mum would die for those copper pots. I think she'd probably put black grass in them, and it'd be awesome.

  7. What scrummy goodies! I would have nabbed those wire pigeon holes too! X

  8. How funny to see those ladders when a green one just like it featured on "The Block" last are so ahead of your time my dear Katherine!

    Hope you have been having a great week. Wasn't it cold today!

    Best wishes,

  9. That green one does look a lot like the one off the block last night. Love it!

  10. You find the lovely ugly. Ha! I like it!
    How cool to find a pigeon cage. Wow! I'd love to see how it is used now.

  11. In person I meant. It's fantastic!

  12. Me encantan las antigÜedades!!!! Este blog es muy original!
    Maybe we can follow each other?
    Besos, desde España, Marcela


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