Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What did life have in store for you young man ?

 This is Leonard Robert Carius, son of Eva. I know this only because it is written on the back of the framing. It is such a charming image of a little man pushing his little man sized barrow.
His smile, eyes and stance hold in them all the innocence and promise of childhood. I wonder what Leonard's life held for him ?
The frame is lovely wide Silky Oak. It is available at The Woolloongabba Antique Centre. 


  1. Oh Katherine, that would have to be one of the sweetest photo's I have ever seen. Look at his little legs....sooo cute!

  2. Hi Katherine
    I agree .. there is something so incredibly sweet about this photo.. and perhaps the angle of the shot but his little legs look like they are going to struggle with that barrow..

    Hope you are having a lovely week.. very windy here now and airports closed due to ash!!.. haha.. good thing I'm not going anyway.. yet!.. ciao xxx Julie

  3. OH that is gorgeous, my father has amazing images like this of him as a young boy in the 1930s. Stunning frame too, love Posie

  4. Love old pics of children andLeonard is especially sweet!


  5. aww what a sweet post i always wonder this when i come across old photo's ;-) dee x

  6. Oh. Katherine these posts just break my heart...Where are you Leonard??

  7. What a sweet picture, I wonder what happened to him? That frame is so lovely! X


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