Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Some items from todays Windsor Estate

 Today Kristen come home with lots of items from an old Windsor home of a lady who had lived there for the last 74 years and only been forced to leave a few months ago, at the great age of 99. The family had taken a lot of items and they were on to their third skip, ... ugh !, by the time he got there this morning. But he managed to get a fair few pieces some of which I have pictured below.
Among the things he brought home was this good size silky oak blanket box
An ornate old sideboard top but sadly no base, though would make a great coat rack or overmantle.
Lots of different shaped old chairs.
Old luggage trolley in good order.
Hat boxes
Lots of hat boxes. The old dear must have loved to go out in style.
The above blue one would be my favourite
A good amount of English china
Lovely old fan and hand mirror.
Glass ware and pottery.
Fancy Art Nouveau vase
Fantastic coloured old enamel teapot.
But of course it all adds up to a table full of cleaning.

Don't forget if you see something you fancy on the blog to email me.


  1. Il have all the hat boxes and cases thanks.LOL Oh what wonderful treasures lucky you.Hate to think what they threw away.

  2. I like that big pot in the bottom photo. I think Martha could fit in there ... a bit like Pooh Bear in a honey pot.

  3. Please dont tell me they were putting all that in the bin?

  4. Great haul. It really makes one wonder how many treasures are to be find behind closed doors in Brisbane and everywhere else. x

  5. WAH! (what a haul) I love the sideboard top. That would look good on a mantel or even on the counter! Coat rack is good, too. Thanks for the look see. 8>)

  6. i'll have most of it thanks!

  7. Those hat boxes are fabulous! I could do with a few of those myself. xxx

  8. My daughter would die if she saw all those hat boxes. They are her thing.

  9. Catherine, can you please let me know if you get any old garden statues, fountains, pots, urns, etc. The kitsch-ier, the better. Cheers.

  10. I always love a good blanket box. I thought of you this morning as my local church put a sign up "10 pews for sale" ....if you are interested I can give you the phone number. Have a great weekend.

  11. I want the tea cups!!! Would love to see them up close!

  12. I love all the pottery. You always seem to find such interesting things. I'm back from my break too :)

  13. That tea-pot looks like it has my name on it!


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