Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Some of my items up for auction this week on ebay

 Set of six  mid century chairs
 Pair of long Pews

 Set of large French doors, more below.

Old windows. Some lovely colours.
To see all my ebay auctions for this week please click here


  1. OMG those dining chairs. Momma needs more dining chairs like a hole in the head but OMG those chairs! Please caress them for me :)

  2. Just needed to add that whoever buys them I'll come over and rub leather conditioner all over their dry dry leather. Oh the bliss to bring those babies back to life even if I couldn't own them. Is that a "D" underneath? Are they Robert Dunlop? Not a typical leg shape but the leather slings are so him. Wonder if Chris would know. Still salivating. Going away now.

  3. I'm visualising a pew sanded back and sitting in my hallway *sigh* One day...

  4. Okay I'm with Jo - those chairs are gorgeous! Original leather .... sigh! Michelle

  5. I love those dining room chairs too! But I have too many as it is. Pity they're not a new car.

  6. You've got some great things up on ebay Katherine.

    Those chairs are cool. I wonder if they are Robert Dunlop? I'll check with Chris, Jo. And really, you need more chairs like Jason needs suits!

    Katherine I love the old hopscotch windows too. I wonder if we need more...xx

  7. Hi Guys, I can't see a D, it is more like a P. We thought they may be Fler. Like you Jo when I first saw them I thought they may be Robert Dunlop, because they reminded me of the chairs you have. Would be happy with any info anyone may have on them. cheers Katherine

  8. Momma couldn't help herself. She had to buy those chairs :)


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