Thursday, April 28, 2011

Some of my ebay auctions for this week

I tried a little experiment this week and put buy it now prices on most of my auctions I listed on ebay. As I seem at the moment to be really tight for room so the quicker things sell the more room I will have for new finds. So far above, the door, the dressing table and cot have sold. 3 other pieces, the lamp, one of the kitchen cabinets and the couch have lost their buy it now prices which disappear when the lower opening price bid is made. Maybe if I am lucky they will sell for more than the buy it now price I originally set, which sometimes happens.
To see all my ebay auctions for this week please click here


  1. Gorgeous items Katherine. I could see that lovely wicker lounge on our verandah!

    Have a glorious day, Tam x

    p.s.Have you been watching Bethenny? SO good.

  2. Yeehah! I've got to remember to come over on Saturday!

  3. Thats great Katherine, glad some things are moving for you, makes room for more!

  4. hi Katherine
    love that kitchen dresser in 2nd shot.. almost identical to one my neighbour had growing up..

    Glad to hear things are moving along.. ciao xxx Julie

  5. oooohhhh I love those 2 kitchen cabinets the first one is stunning in the wooden look. Good luck with all your sales, dee x

  6. Sounds like a good strategy. Wore my brooch today... lots of brooch love came my way. :) A-M xx

  7. Hi Katherine, hope you had a lovely Easter. Always good to try another method on ebay, glad they are all selling. see you soon Sandy xx


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