Monday, April 18, 2011

Ouch ~ Vintage Syringe

Vintage medical related items can be quite collectable. This syringe is about 1.5 cm in diameter and is made from glass. I always find there is something slightly creepy about them, but yet very interesting and fun to have a play with.


  1. Agreed. I'm not showing this post to my mother, she's an old-school nurse and might get all sorts of evil ideas, ha ha!

  2. It does look rather sinister and reminds me of horror movies in a psych ward - freeky! ;-)

  3. Grandad and Grandma are vintage medical-related people. Does that make them collectable?

    Sometimes I think they're a bit creepy, but the grandkids think they're fun to play with.

  4. Omg! How much would that HURT! X

  5. OH that MMMC, she takes the cake!

  6. Too funny! My Mom, (a nurse), used to bring home used plastic syringes,(without the needle!), for us to use as 'squirt guns'. I imagine that would be frowned upon nowadays. :)

    (We also rode our bikes without helmets, ran with sticks, played with Jarts and crawled around in the back of a moving car.......)


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