Saturday, April 23, 2011

New Furniture at the WAC today ~ Tables, Chairs and More

 Just got back from the WAC and it was full of hustle and bustle with everyone stocking up their spaces ready for Easter Saturday. I took over some cute kitchen tables.
 I particularly like this one. It has lino on the top which makes it look very funky I think.
 I also took over a set of six chairs, below. They fold up and are made from timber with groovy red seats and back.

 Silky Oak bedside table painted a shabby white.
 Nice old blue trunk. Would make a groovy coffee or side table, with the added bonus of a bit of storage.
 Ornate marble side table
 Sleek Mid century sideboard.
 I feel very nostalgic about this dinner set c. 1970's. It was the same as we had growing up. The bowls in this set are an excellent size and are proper bowls not those big flat bowls that seem popular today but are hopeless for cereal I think. The set has never been used, and only the original box was a bit tatty I would have kept them in it.

 Humphrey looking for a friend to join him at the table.
 We often have musical instruments like this guitar,
 and cello. String instruments are always so romantic looking.
 Bottles big, small and inbetween. I particularly like the fowler bottles on the right.

 Thought I would get in the "Royal" spirit of things.
 Cutest little stool. Hope you all have a wonderful Easter Saturday. I hope to get around and visit you all soon. The weather in Brissie today is just perfect. The WAC is open all day today. Closed Sunday and Monday For Easter and ANZAC day but is open on Tuesday, 9am to 5pm.


  1. great stuff as always Katherine, such a wide variety.

  2. You have some lovely things it all looks fab. Have a lovely weekend, dee x

  3. I have that exact red fold up chair, I found it on the side of the road. Humphrey is pretty cool. Megan xx

  4. What great items! I can see that I need to come up for another visit very soon! X

  5. Happy Easter Katherine. Hope to see you next Saturday. Yeeha!

  6. Yay, we all went there on Saturday!! So great to see your gear!! My children were not interested until they walked in & wow, they were beaming with smiles & questions & wonder at all the great vintage gear. My husband & i kept saying "OMG, this is my grandmother's house" & he even sat down & played the old arcade games, much to the children's delight. Then they had iced chocolates while i paid for a cool old suitcase from your Shop, thanks, i love it!! Have a great week, love Posie

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