Sunday, March 27, 2011

Vintage Travel Trunk and Luggage LOVE ~ Maybe my favs eva!!!!

So yesterday Kristen went to an estate and came home with his usual dining room table, filling haul of treasures, (show you that soon I promise) but what he may or may not have known is he came home with a dilemma for me. A day later my heart is still moving from my chest to my stomach every time I see them. How am I going to part with them?? I cannot keep them ~ house too small. So let me just say they better sell to someone lovely, ha, because HOW for the LOVE of all things vintage, am I going to SELL them?Ahhhhh
Newbies to this blog may think I am over exaggerating my love of these trunks of delight but you can read about this early affair here.

These ones are perhaps some of the most special ones we have had due to the amazing quantity and condition of the travel labels/stickers on them. Particularly the trunk and hat box. There is also a suitcase aswell.

  Anytime I see old New York advertising on anything I just love it!
                                                                     Hat Box

                                     This other hat box has none and has largely been overlooked by me, but on any other day I would adore it. For a start it is leather, it is in perfect condition and
just look at the wonderful orangey interior.
I hope you have all had a lovely weekend. They seem to go super fast these days don't they ?


  1. You can't part with them surely? Just stick them up on a cupboard no-one would know.I always wonder how families part with some things esp.from travels and happy memories.

  2. Oh Katherine, they are too need to find some room! I love all the old luggage tags, they really tell a story don't they.
    x Tracey

  3. DO NOT SELL THEM...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Find a spot somewhere in your home and stack them just as you have photographed them, they are just too good to sell.
    I buy and onsell vintage wares too...and if they were mine , I WOULD NOT SELL THEM, NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. They truly are the most amazing find! I really don't know how you could part with them, I know I couldn't. Isn't there a corner somewhere?????

  5. Don't sell them, Katherine.

    They're too gorgeous. Can't you use them as props at your stores?

    I think you were meant to have them.

  6. You will just have to find a space for them Katherine! I have goosebumps just looking at these and the imagination is going wild.

    They conjure up the history and romance of lavish holidays abroad in Europe and NY...I will stop as you will know what I am talking about.

    Sounds like you need to keep these ones.
    Pam x

  7. They're divine. I agree with everybody else. Don't sell them! Surely you would regret it. Hide them. x

  8. They're fabulous. It's a hard decision to make. But I reckon you can find a little corner in your home for them

  9. These are too special! Get rid of something else from your home to make room for these beauties. I'd love something like this. You lucky thing!!

  10. Gosh Katherine there is no way I would part with them. We have a large one that we use for our coffee table. We also have the leather hat boxes to store away the kids special baby keepsakes.

    Oh, and your last comment on my post rang a bell. I have a recollection of seeing that somewhere myself. I am going to google it to see what I can find.

    Tam x

  11. Ah!........speechless
    If you sell those you will regret it!
    I'd sell my firstborn for those (well....not really cos I love him too much)
    DON"T Sell them
    Of course unless its to ME for pennies 'cos I just spent a fortune on vintage fabrics and have totally blown the budget for quite a while! ;)

  12. I'm going to keep coming back to your blog just to drink in the beauty......

  13. Katherine, you know my love for a vintage suitcases/trunks too! If you do decide to part with the trunk I'm right here waiting!! Let me know. xx

  14. Katherine, I am sitting here wondering where I could put them??? They are gorgeous! Let me know if you decide not to keep them for yourself. It must be so nice when every now and then you come across some real treasures, gets you all excited!!! Well it would me! LOL! ;-)

  15. OMG! I WANT them! How ever will you part with them!!!!! I would FIND some space!!!! X

  16. Oh! I forgot to say I have a chicken wire cloche, just for you, next time we meet up, if you would like it! X

  17. I would love to buy them and keep them wish I could find some like that.Cant imagine they will be unsold for long.

  18. Just divine, surely they must be keepers???

  19. Agree too. Don't sell them ... well, unless it's to someone who's really going to appreciate them. Do you know anything about the person who they belonged to? There must be such a story to go along with those items.

  20. We'll take them off your hands, just let us know when.

  21. Oh my heart...I could never part with such sweeties!


  22. wowzers! Keep them. You must!

  23. Katherine, listen to the voters. You have to keep them, sell something else to make room.

  24. Totally fantastic, how could you part with them????? : )

  25. Okay Katherine, something else has to go! You cannot part with these beauties. The larger would make a great coffee table. Michelle

  26. Just gorgeous! Can you imagine the stories linked with those pieces? Persuaded to keep them yet...? Just to add to the majority, I think you Have to as you'll probably regret letting them go.

  27. Those are fab i love them. Just think how far they have traveled and whats been put into them. dee x

  28. What incredible stories they could tell!

  29. Katherine,
    I am in heaven with the round ones! Might there be a chance of getting one to the US?

  30. I've been enjoying and following your blog for a while but have only just signed up to comment. I remember reading about this beautiful old luggage and from time to time I have thought, 'i wonder where they ended up'? Do tell?!

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