Monday, March 14, 2011

New OLD home for some boathouse treasures.....inside Karen's House

One of the nicest things about our job is meeting lovely people, many of whom often become "repeat offenders" at theoldboathouse. One such gal is Karen , who has an old home that her husband and family are lovingly restoring and decorating. Karen was very sweet to send me these pictures of some of her boathouse purchases in their new "old" home. Brisbane is such a small place and we discovered that Karen is also friends with another customer, Sarah, whom I have known for some time. Hi Sarah!
Sweet blue jug which Karen has filled with blooms from her garden.
A spot on Karen's verandah we jokingly call theoldboathouse corner, plantstands and box purchased from The Cottage Garden Nursery.
Elegant cut glass lamp
Don't you think the cane chair looks fantastic against the white wall ?
Thank you so much Karen for sharing this peek into your beautiful home.  


  1. How cool is that Katherine. It must give you a thrill to see where your wares end up and getting another life. xx

  2. That's great that Karen sent you those photos! She's obviously very thrilled with all her great OBH purchases. I really like Karen's OBH planter corner.

    I know I think of you, Katherine, when I see my couple of things from the OBH.

    Three Cheers! (I hope some other people send in some photos now.)

  3. HI Katherine
    YOu must love seeing your little 'wards' finding their way out in the big world. hehe.. Karen's chosen some lovely pieces.. and I love love that verandah... I hope one day to have verandah like this myself...

    I agree with others.. Hope you get some more shots and make this a regular spot...

    Hope you had a lovely weekend.. .. ciao.. xxxx Julie

  4. Hi Katherine, how nice to see what you sell in someones home. It all looks lovely and my favourite it the cane chair against the white wall too. ;-)

  5. Hi Katherine...
    That is just lovely....It is great when you have a shop..people buy your nice goodies & then let you know how they end up..

    I still have people telling me the goodies they purchased from my shop..(in the very past millenium!!)...& how they still love them & wish i was still in business...
    now that is a hoot!!~

    xx andrea

  6. I am sure many repeat offenders are all over Brisbane and beyond Katherine!

    That blue jug is really gorgeous.
    Pam x

  7. Hey Katherine....!

    I LOVE hearing from my Customers re how they've incorporated the Treasures they've purchased from me into their homes....This for me is a BIG BONUS of what I do.... :o) !!

    And although I've ALWAYS been a BIG FAN of your Treasures, It's LOVELY to see them styled in Karen's home.

    Have an AWESOME week Lovey & find HEAPS....!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)

  8. Lovely post Katherine. I will have to take the camera to Sarah's house next time I visit! I hope more of your customers send photos your way - it would be a great regular feature.
    Bill laughed at Tamarah's comment that things in our house were "styled"!! Karen

  9. How nice of her to send you photos! Maybe others will do the same.


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