Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Retro Estate found today

Kristen got a lead on an old house this morning right when it was time for him to drop our middle child Chauncy, off at school. So as he went out the front door he shouted out to me that I would have to drop Chaunc off. "NO WORRIES" I thought as I looked at the clock. Chauncy has to be at school by 8.20, while Lotte's bus normally does not arrive till 8.20.
But it all worked out ok, the Bus was early, Chauncy was to school on time and Kristen came home with a ute lot of really cool retro items. Some of the furniture I have pictured above will be going up on ebay tonight. You can click here to see my ebay listings.


  1. Gosh Katherine you pick up some fabulous stuff. Love the lounge suite. Beautiful!

  2. Very cool, love that 60's danish style furnture. I've got my Grandma's parker dining table and sideboard. Glad your moring worked out well.

  3. Saw your post and thought of Anita (Fun and VJs) straight away! I can see she has already been here :-)

  4. Katherine, I just love that sideboard - I have a similar one ..... just thinking, do I need another one? Michelle

  5. WOW! It's a good thing you live where you live, and I love where I live. I love that credenza and those chairs

  6. Oh be still my heart....lovin that orange lamp.


  7. love the vintage finds!thanks for sharing all the wonderful photos. have a great weekend...verbena cottage

  8. Amazing finds! I've been searching for a small sideboard like that for the longest time. I need to stop looking and maybe then one will fall in my lap.


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