Monday, June 28, 2010

Challenges Continue.... so some fun stuff instead!

We are still experiencing some computer dramas and now it seems I have lost the photos that I took last week...really I am so Html / computer challenged....I am now on son number twos item he values over all...I am sure he would save it first before all else if the house was burning I should feel very honoured if not a tad nervous in case I touch or do something unapproved! So instead of showing you what I wanted I thought I would share some other pics from the weekend.

The first pics are of some amazing magnolia branches I was gifted by the lovely Jo at desire to inspire Finally, after what we worked out was years of purchasing and visits from her charming husband Kelvin, the cuddly and super cute Mickey (the dog), and super offsider and spy Ron, I finally met Jo!! She is even lovelier and more stylish in person and I was so excited it felt like I was greeting an old friend not someone I had never met...that's the amazing and special thing about blogging and ebaying. I put my branches in what else.....a German floor vase, I can't wait for them to start openning. I just love them!! Thanks Jo.
The muted in colour if not size, German pot and branches I think blend well with the old PNG spears of Kristens, who has now taken to collecting old spears and leaning them, like in this picture, into wall corners around the house.
If we get home invaded we will have a chance as long as they don't have guns.

I was lucky to score a ticket at the last minute to the production of FAME showing at QPAC at the moment. It was lots a know how I love a musical. I did not embarrass my friends by singing along....but the temptation was there. My niece (by friendship) Jess refused to show her gorgous face for a pic so her head is the program haha.


  1. Wow. How lovely, Katherine. You know how much I love your West German pottery collection! Even more so with magnolia branches. xx

  2. Hi Katherine, Must be something in the air as far as computers are concerned! I am experiencing dramas as well, so you are not alone!
    The spears look fantastic with the magnolia branches in your vase.

  3. Hi Katherine
    Love the magnolia branches.. and.. love that interesting art to the left.. or is it window treatment ? whichever.. looks very interesting

    Good luck with the computer issues.. xxx Julie

    If you have lost images you already loaded up.. they may still be there in your picasa web album... you can get to it via dashboard [bottom of page] ..

  4. Katherine the Magnolia is one of my FAVES....I would LOVE a white tree & a purple tree in my yard one day.... :o) Will you show a pic when they open....I'd like to see it....!!

    Mr SVJ & I went to see 'The Four Seasons' back in Feb & it was a BLAST....I'd love to see Fame....Nice way to turn the clock back a FEW years....hahahahaha....!!

    Hurry up & organise your computer stuff....I'm ITCHING to see your Treasures....!

    Cheers from Melbourne,
    Tamarah :o)

  5. What a beautiful branch Katherine. Makes me want to go outside and cut up my Magnolia Tree!

  6. Well done on blogging on. Thats what teenagers are for, their spare computers that are attached to their fingers (and brains). Do teenagers explode if they dont access facebook at least once a day I wonder? should put it to the test ;0) How amazing are those spears wow! they look great with the branches in front.

  7. Love magnolia trees ... I want to plant one in our front garden - they are so sculptural. Anyway, now that I've quit dreaming ... they look great in your vase. Love the spears but also love the artwork? to the left. Hope your computer woes are over soon. Michelle

  8. I love those branches, I some that have fallen from the trees in my back yard. I keep saying that I'm going to so something with them, but....WOW Fame? I would love to see it on stage.

  9. Good stuff girl! Yo go girl !

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