Monday, June 14, 2010

Chairs chairs and more chairs

Seem to have a bias towards chairs in my ebay listings this week. To see all of my listings for this week click here


  1. Hi Katherine how was your long weekend. We had a really lazy one well sort of anyway. Hope your selling heaps. Sandy x

  2. Hi Katherine, I love chairs ... if you ask my husband we have way too many. In fact the last one I purchased was from your store. After some restoration it now sits in my office and I absolutely love it. Off to check out your store now .... Michelle

  3. Now you should have a garden party before you list them all.

  4. Nothing wrong with that Katherine, bring on the chairs! Glad you got to meet Tracey, yes, it is a small world!

  5. Dearest Katherine!
    You never fail to bring a smile to my face!! 'Where will I go? what will i do?' .. haha is exactly what I was like the first 2 days before commonsense kicked in!!! thank you so much for your well wishes and emails.. .you are fabulous my dear!!!

    Just looking at your last post... How sweet your friend made the hairclips for Lotte!!! I hope she enjoys them.. and what a fabulous name.. Lotte!! you are a romantic!! Have a great week xxx Julie

  6. Hi Katherine. Thanks for stopping by (and following) my blog! I just love the maple arm chairs you currently have for sale - but, alas, my husband would murder me if I bought them! One day I'm planning to get rid of one of our large couches and replace them with 2 armchairs, so when we do down that road I'm coming to see you!


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