Saturday, February 6, 2010

Shabby White and Pink for Indoors and Out

These items are off to the Garden Centre, 999 Stanley St East, East Brisbane. Couldn't resisit the stylish shape of the chair or its dusty pink upholstery. The vintage white cane trunk would make a cute coffee or bedside table.
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  1. Hey Katherine
    That chair has the most wonderful shape...very nice... I'm glad I'm not up there in Brisbane.. I'd be over every week and broke! haha
    Have fun this weekend I can hear the screeching from here.. haha .. xx Julie

  2. All very shabby and all very nice!
    Thanks for the visit and comment, and no I wouldn't be suprised you have those particular items in your handbag. Think I would be more surprised if you didn't have them in there, given the line of work you're in! lol.

  3. Hello~Thanks for saying Hello! I see you sell on ebay, I will have to check it out.I love ebay I can always find what I am looking for.I as well look forward to blogging with you.G'Day~Kim

  4. I am excited Katherine, I am off for my first trip to the Gabba centre this Wednesday. Ya hoo! PS: LOVE this cane basket!

  5. Love the chair - covered in a fabulous fabric it would be a must have! Leigh


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