Monday, February 22, 2010

More Fabric LOVE.....

Spent the morning in sewing heaven sorting through the collection of a fabric lover. Have come home with a mountain of fabulous retro prints, florals, stripes, spots and tartins.....yummy, yummy. Don't you just love fabric? Each piece is a little bundle of anticipation of what it might become...a groovy skirt, cushion, window dressing, toy...the list is endless. Some were still done up in brown paper, tied up with heart is full. Needless to say the daughter of the lady who had owned it thought I was a bit nuts (yes guilty as charged!) I ooed and ahhed. She is not a fabric lover. But she was very happy that her mum's collection would find new homes and go to other fabric collectors and crafters.
Once I get them all measured they will be off to the Woollangabba Antique Centre.
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  1. Such a very nice fabric and its color so cool. i like it so much. thanks for sharing us.

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  2. OMG I can hardly breathe! Please, please, please let me know when they're available...I'd love to create some goodies with some of it!!


  3. Katherine - fabulous find. I only wish I could sew! And thanks again for my new instant garden and a great chat. Cheers Anita x

  4. HI Katherine
    Funny I used to collect little bits and pieces of fabric thinking one day I would sew something.. cushions maybe.. carted them around each time I moved.. i think i finally tossed them... I can just imagine you getting excited. he he. I bet her mum would be pleased...

    I know what you mean by the internet cap.. i have the same deal sometimes and then have to purchase more.. as it is waaaay to slow when throttled. Oh and YES I know that song... but I don't think I knew it was Steely Dan!! maybe I knew back then and have forgotten... ppl used to sing it to me when we were out on the town.. hahaha ... Have fun!!! xx Julie

  5. If only I could sew! Such beautiful fabrics - I'll just have to keep dreaming. Leigh


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