Friday, January 22, 2010

Some items from a Northside estate

Just back from an old home at Everton Park. There was not a whole lot there for the size of the house, I think another collector may have been there before us. In anycase we are happy always to get anything old and lovely. The picture directly above has a round mallet type tool in it. The person doing the closing up of the house said that it was for hat making. I would be interested if anyone can comfirm that or come up with a different use. I have not seen its like before.
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  1. HI Katherine
    Well that's a nice little haul,, love the dressers and had a closeup look at that mallet and hard to say... although it looks like the shape of a hat form, not sure how that would work with a handle sticking out the side... strange indeed ... hope you get your answer...

    You know I'm not really like this insomnia thing much now... particularly with the weather being 40c today and same tomorrow!! haha.. aircon.. that's all i can say!! Have a great weekend.. xx Julie

  2. Hi Katherine, what a great lot of goodies. I have something that I have on my wanted list so must send you through a picture. Have a good weekend Sandy x

  3. I think I'm spotting a pitcher in the shape of a whale in the last image?! Or am I just a bit nuts and see "coastal" everywhere, ha!

    Have a good weekend!!

  4. I love the picnic basket - if only it could tell us all the lovely places it has been! Leigh

  5. OOHH!! looks like another fab find...

    the dressers would make a wonderful makeover??

    I have seen lots of hat blocks which look like the top of this item..BUT is the stick sticking out part of it??
    if so..its got me stumped!! or maybe pumelled by the look of it!!

    xx andrea

  6. Treasures, treasures, treasures. Sorry Katherine I dont know much about mallets...

  7. FAB items! THose black cats are FAB!


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