Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy New Year ~ All Hands on Deck!

Well we are back on deck at theoldboathouse but we have had a lovely break, if only too short. (Where does the time go?) We headed over to Straddie after Christmas, kids and dog in tow, and although the weather was a bit dull it was great to have a change of scenery. The photo straight above shows the view from the deck of the house where we stayed which was right on Moreton Bay and if you were lucky and looked out at the right time, you could see dolphins playing only a few feet from where you stood. From tonight we will be listing again on ebay, starting with a few furniture items and then in the coming week we will be listing a few smaller items. We are looking forward to hunting down some great vintage treasures in 2010 and catching up with all our fellow vintage lovers and customers.
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  1. Happy New Year to you too. We went to Straddie early Dec for a week - isnt it the best? Did you stay at Amity Point? We normally stay at Point Lookout. Gee i could live there i think with the lovely slow pace and beautiful beaches! Mel xxx

  2. Happy New Year
    Looks like you had a fabulous holiday, welcome back and hope the new year kicks off in a fun way for you.

  3. Welcome back! Lovely photos of your break.

  4. Hi Everyone, Yes we stayed at Amity, its a bit sleepier then the Point and has a bit more dog friendly accomodation, cheers Katherine

  5. Looks like beautiful. Yes I have re arranged my library are the only one who noticed.


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