Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Back to the Beach...

Wasn't quite ready to head back to work. Couldn't get the feeling of sand under foot and the sound of the ocean out of my head. So my best friend and her family of four children plus extra if you add on the eldest's boyfriend and my brood plus Nan headed to Bribie Island for a few days. My family have been staying at the same house for 17 years and Richelle's family have been joining us for about the last 4 years and I think it adds to the fun to return to a place that is full of such happy memories. Right on the surf beach at Woorim it is one of those old beachy places built in the 70's , adults upstairs and kids downstairs in one big room. Kristen stayed home and held down the work end. Secretly I think he enjoys the peace, haha.


  1. HI Katherine
    Looks like what i need right now.. a relaxing vacation by the sea.
    Must be fabulous to go back to the same place ..home away from home.. xx Julie

  2. The beach is a huge lure at any time of the year but if you combine sun, sand, little smiles, and tutti-frutti ice cream, who could resist.


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