Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More Stool Love

Well you all know how I love old stools of any age and shape. This cute pair came in yesterday and I sat them next to my old wooden table that I use downstairs as a sorting space when new bric a brac comes in. I thought they looked so charming with the table and would be fun seating adding a less formal touch to indoors or out. Or I can see them as cute little bedside or end tables. Their rustic look gets me thinking beach or country style .... don't you think..... I had to move them under the house fast because I could feel an attachment coming on ... lol
P.S. Happy Australia Day, hope you all enjoy the day!
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  1. Hi Katherine, lucky me, I did see a few of your treasures whilst in queensland both at the antique centre and the nursery. I have to say that you have some lovely stuff! Particularly loved the wrought iron outdoor setting at the garden centre but alas would not fit in the car with kids and luggage (was considering leaving the kids behind lol). BTW I love brissie, especially south bank (we stayed right in town!)really enjoyed the warmer weather, better than we get here on top of the mountain brrrr.
    time worn style

  2. Hi Katherine. Oooh I do love those 2 old chairs!!! Do you think you will list those on ebay???? I'll have to keep an eye out.
    Hope you have a great week.

  3. You've got some lovely finds there lately Katherine.
    You know I was looking at your little piccie on my followers list just this morning thinking that I should visit you very soon! I've been out of the swing of visiting blogs much lately, and thinking that I really do need to get back to it. But you've beaten me to it! So sorry.
    Now that was a good point about joining if you can't beat them. I'll show him your email in the morning and see what he says! lol. Will be interesting.....
    Thanks so much for visiting. I'll try to be good and get back to visit more often. You have some lovely things to look at. x

  4. Hi Katherine
    cute stools.. [betcha don't hear that everyday!! haha]
    Well I popped over to say Happy Australia Day... hope you had fun xx Julie

  5. Happy Australia Day Katherine. Love the stools too.

  6. They're gorgeous - are you sure you can't keep them? Leigh

  7. Too late to keep them these stools are already on ebay.


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