Friday, December 11, 2009

Some wonderful vintage items from todays estate

All of these items came from a lovely old Newmarket home. It was very original and had wonderful floral carpet in the lounge, c1940's. The kitchen cupboards had been painted different colours for each door, ie pink, blue, green white. The new owners will no doubt come in and rip it all out.
Favourites today are the old Rocker chair and the Art Deco mirrors.
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  1. OMG Katherine those mirrors are beautiful. Any damage to them at all?? They look pretty good. And I love the rose floral chairs too. Stunning.

  2. dear Katherine...I absolutely LOVE ALL of them!!
    isnt it early days as a child ..(late 50's/early 60's)..AND we HAD all these things..especially at my nannas house..
    BUT went through a phase of throwing it all to the tip..
    NOW i wish I had everything..
    Oh well...

    xx andrea

  3. Hi Katherine, when I see a collection like this my imagination goes into overdrive thinking about where I could put things and how I could revamp.

  4. Fabulous finds, you did discover some treasures this week. Sent my boss up to the gabba this week looking for something special, he was so excited to see everything so beautifully displayed.

  5. Hi Everyone, thanks for your comments. The mirrors are in good "shabby" condition with a bit of silver loss around the edges but nothing major, My favs are the matching pair of round ones, cheers Katherine


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