Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday Favourite ~ Vintage Decorations

I love vintage decorations and have kept a few over the years. These ones are headed to The Cottage Garden Nursery today for a bit of a vintage display I thought would be fun. My favourites are the two wind up Santas, but I love the delicate glass decorations too. The larger box seems never to have been used and would be German in origin dating to before WWII I think.
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  1. Oh I adore and collect vintage decs. Love them!

  2. Katherine, pretty please will you sell the small baubles ones to me.....

  3. Such wonderful vintage Christmas goodies Katherine! They can bring back such lovely memories can't they?
    Thanks for visiting last week and leaving your lovely comment. We are gradually getting back to normal and Puss has finally stopped calling for the kits. Bit quiet without them. Sorry I took so long to respond. :)

  4. Just search lemonade on my blog honey. They are posted on a prior blog post.

    As requested :]

    Lemonade Scones

    You will need...

    4 cups of sifted SR Flour
    1 cup of lemonade
    300ml of cream

    Then you will need to...

    In a large bowl sift the flour, make a well and pour in the cream and then the lemonade. Mix gently with a wooden spatula or spoon. Gently pat dough out on a lightly floured board. Cut using a scone cutter and brush tops with a little milk. Cook for 8-10 mins in a preheated 200C oven. Delish with homemade jam and lashings of whipped cream :]


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