Friday, March 23, 2012


Lotte and I bought some flowers today. Big, bright, YELLOW gerberas.
 Yellow is such a happy colour. It is so full of life, and joy, and sunshine. It is extra special to Lotte and I now because,simply, it was Ben's favourite colour. Ben was Lotte's friend. He was the truest of friends and the bravest of boys and like his favourite colour he was all joy and sunshine. Today is his birthday. He would have been 13...a teenager.
We love you Ben, we will remember and miss you everyday.


  1. Oh that's terrible. My heart breaks for Ben's family and his friends.

  2. Ben had a beautiful happy smile...Those flowers are a lovely choice to remember him by. xx

  3. Oh Katherine, that is so sad. Ben looks so happy in the card. Thoughts to Lotte and all of Ben's friends and family on this sad day.

  4. Poor Lotte,yellow flowers are a lovely thought. Best wishes.

  5. aahhh I am so sorry for the loss of a friend ben looked like a lovely bright boy just like those gorgeous yellow flowers. big hugs to you both, dee x

  6. Very thoughtful of Lotte and you. I also send my thoughts to Ben's family and friends. Pruxxx


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