Saturday, March 17, 2012

This Week at The Cottage Garden Nursery

There have been more changes occurring at The Cottage Garden Nursery. The location of my space within the centre has changed slightly. I still have part of  my usual spot plus another spot directly opposite the pathway into the nursery.
Lots of new treasures this week including this white sideboard and table below and coffee table above.
Lots of classic Vintage Aluminium ware.
The cutest silky oak vintage child's table and chairs.
The changes are to make room for some fantastic fashion that will soon be available at the centre. So pop in and check out the goings on if you are close by. Hope you all have a lovely weekend. 


  1. Your space is looking wonderful,Katherine.I think those white planters would look beautiful on a Queenslander veranda.

  2. I want to fly down, swoop everything you have into a big truck and drive home. Is that a hanging cane chair?! So cool! x


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