Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ladders and Western WAC LOVE

This is the vivacious and creative Kimmie who has the Western WAC space at the Woolloongabba Antique Centre. She is posing next to one of two great old ladders that she purchased from me recently to display some of her fabulous Mexican blankets and groovy bandanas. We think they work a treat and look pretty spiff to boot. (We always have ladders of all kinds in stock. The ones Kimmie is posing with retail for about $55 each.)
Kimmie's space is jam packed with the most amazing western outfits and rockabilly treasures. I don't know if I showed you my gorgeous girl, Lotte Lou, in her western outfit I purchased for her from Western WAC.   She recently wore it to see Dolly Parton in concert. She turned a few heads that night. Lotte takes her country serious !! ( If you look closely you can see how sick the poor love looks, this was right before a hospital visit and the transfusion of three bags of exaggeration. ) 
Her skirt is actually a petticoat but it fulfilled the right amount of country fairy look that Lotte was going for. 
Check out the detail.
And before you ask, yes these come in Adult sizes too. 
But back to the ladders. This is a picture of one I currently have at The Garden Centre. It is quite a unique farm style ladder. 
Hope you are having a good weekend. It is election time here in Queensland, Australia. I'm a bit of a politics tragic so I am squeezing in this post before the coverage starts.  


  1. Lotte looks the beautiful in her country pink. I do love her hair! I hope she's feeling better, though no doubt still sad about her friend.

    I'm going to a cocktail party tonight and am hoping it'll all be a bit 'Don's Party'. I love an election coverage where it's down-to-the-wire.

  2. I am off to an election shindig tonight too! I love election night so am trying to fit in some blogging, marking, cleaning and cooking before the party.

    I haven't been to the WAC for months! I must go back looks like there's lots to see!

    Best wishes and happy weekend!

  3. Oh Lotte's outfit is just delightful; so sorry she was so sick.
    Your ladders are great!


  4. Hey there Katherine!!!

    It's slacko here!! the coffee loving .. walks by the sea... movie nutter all singing all dancing.. slacko!!,,

    I'm can just hear that cigar hanging out of the corner of your mouth Mr Cagney .. as you said... .'slacko I say, see!!!' hahaha

    Ok.. seriously though.. poor Lotte does look pale in that shot.. Hope she is feeling better now!!!...

    Going to email you if I can find your email address.. ciao xxx Julie

  5. loved the ladders and your wee darling ooks fabbo in all her pink ... as to the election ... help me please ... is it a case of worse or worser ... is that a word :) le xox

  6. ahh Lotte does look poorly bless her heart but Wow tell her she looked gorgeous and so lovely in pink. There is a lot of lovely detail on that shirt and Dolly Parton is fabulous ;-) Those ladders are smashing they look great with things on them. Enjoy your weekend, dee xx

  7. Katherine, please tell me you got a matching outfit too...!! In red! Sorry to hear that Lotte has been unwell. I hope things get better. xx

  8. I love Lotte's outfit and hope she is feeling better. The ladders look great, especially the one at the Cottage Garden Nursery. Might have to pop in and have a look, and try the new cafe there - I have heard good things about it. And Kimmie is such a lovely person isn't she - she always brightens my day when I see her at the WAC. Like you I will be glued to the screen tonight for the coverage. I think our Labor local member will be returned, but I don't think that will be mirrored across the State Fx

  9. Lotte looks fantastic, I love the shirt and the skirt! Sorry to hear that she has been unwell, I hope that she did enjoy the concert. Tam x

  10. Lotte looks great, I'd love that whole outfit xx

  11. Lotte looks great as a country fairy, I hope she enjoyed the concert! I was a bit of a Dolly Parton fan at Lotte's age too...shows you how long Dolly's been going for!
    xx Tracey

  12. Lotte looks very cute in her outfit,love the detailing, hope she's feeling much better and enjoyed Dolly in concert.Hope the rest of the family is well too!

  13. Lotte has completely nailed the country/fairy look. Love it! Sad to here she's been unwell, and hope on that front it's improving health wise.
    Funnily enough I remember buying a drink at the WAC cafe and Dolly Parton was playing. Strange how music and smells lurk in the memory.
    You don't often see a petticoat these days. x

  14. Bless Lotte, she looks fabulous. Hope you are well lovely. Take care xx

  15. Look at Lotte she looks just beautiful in her country pink.


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