Thursday, September 8, 2011

Vitalogy ~ A Real Pearler

Vitalogy is probably best known nowadays as the third Album of the American band Pearl Jam released on November 22, 1994 through Epic Records.  Vitalogy, the album, was packaged in a booklet that replicated material from a early medical book of the same name. We recently purchased a copy of the medical book from an Estate. It is a fascinating old book.
Wonderful illustrations.

Important information every family should how a home should look.
Fascinating chapter titles like the one above.
And glorious details, that you only find in vintage books that were made with care. Like the spider web embossed paper that protects the illustrations. A bit of  Pearl Jam below from the Album Vitalogy. Of course to my children they too are Retro/vintage.


  1. It looks amazing! And in such good condition!

    Never knew that about the Pearl Jam album ... I admit to spending some of the 1990 years wearing flannelette shirts and black jeans.

  2. I've got that CD and I'm sure I bought it because I loved the cover and illustrations it came in. How cool you've got a copy of the real Vitalogy!xx

  3. Wow - I didn't know of the real book! It looks great. I have the album and Pearl Jam would be one of my favourite bands, but to hear them called 'vintage'...well, now I just feel old!!

  4. Pearl Jam is vintage?? Yee-ouch, that hurts, and not just my teeth!!

  5. Love Pearl Jam till they went so political.....remember the grunge era or am I showing my times while I was still living in Seattle.

    but your book is way more amazing....the illustrations!

  6. That is an amazing old book, love those little details, to a collector that must be priceless


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