Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Mid Century Dee- lights at the WAC Today

Well as promised here is the rest of the fab mid century furniture I purchased  late last week. It has made its way over to the WAC along with a lovely mannequin that Kristen purchased only this morning.
Dining table and chairs
Note the lovely shape to the table and chair legs.

Coffee Table. Again a lovely shape, nice and solid and also a good size.
It is sitting on the work bench you may remember from a recent make over post. The work bench has found an owner and is awaiting pick up to take it to its new home.

Pair of bedside Tables.

Lovely mannequin, with desirable timber base. (One of two the other will go to The Cottage Garden Nursery soon.)

Hookey game....classic fun!! I think they also make for quirky art too.
 Finally this fabulous day bed couch. The back folds down into a bed. This one arrived at the WAC at lunch time and Dave quickly remembered a customer who had come in looking for one just like it who was lunching in the cafe. (Thanks Dave !!) It has already gone off to its new home.
The fabric was in fabulous condition and was a soft wool knit in mustard and brown. The photo makes it look  a bit yellow. Hope you are all having a good start to the week.


  1. Oooh, how much is the hookey game? It's fabulous!! My number is 0433639850, I would really appreciate it if you could text the price!

  2. Nice old manny! P.S. get your tooth fixed before it gets worse!!!

  3. What's wrong with your tooth?

    I quickly fell in love with the day bed, and then had to quickly get on the rebound.

    Such is life. Get the tooth fixed!

  4. Hi Katherine and Kristen,

    I am making a beeline for your store on our next trip to Brisbane. I could spend all day in there. It looks fantastic.

    Kel x

  5. Lots of lovely goodies, especially the mannequin. The furniture reminds mr of bits my mum used to have when j was young. I wish j could have kept some of it.
    Ps thanks for your comment today. That twine is addictive!

  6. I so wish I could find a mannequin or 2 like the one you have,

  7. My parents had dining chairs just like that when we were growing up. It's so lovely to see everything old become new again thanks to wonderful people like you!

    Best wishes and happy week,

  8. Love the bedside tables. So hard to find a pair like that. And what's wrong with your tooth?

  9. Pretty much always a fan of dress forms!

  10. OHHH! I need that Hookey game!!! But NOT as much as the mannequin... you could email me the prices!!! (I am VERY keen on it!) I am SO looking forward to coming up for a visit, school hols are SOON! I survived Parent Interviews so I know I CAN make it!!! X

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