Monday, September 19, 2011

One on P's, One on L's ~

Today was an exciting day in our house. Frankie got his P's, ( P plates) and Chauncy got his L's ( Learner's plates) 
So as we breath a sigh of relief with one son that we no longer have to drive him round the neighborhood , the task begins again with son number two. These days you are required to do a minimum of 100 hours driving before you can go for your licence. For parents these 100 hours seem to take forever.  As soon as the boy's got  home they were borrowing the car keys and off to the video shop on their own. It will be great that they can do these simple things together without Mum or Dad. It was a strange feeling for Kristen and I though and I couldn't help thinking of the famous Cat Steven's song...."what I really want Dad is to borrow the car keys, see you later can I have them please."


  1. Great song and great achievement for the boys!!!
    your flock is growing up!!!.. i remember when i got my license [yes back in the horse and buggy days]... you could get your license on an automatic and then drive manual.. of course.. i paid for lessons on an auto.. got my license and then couldn't drive the car I owned until i just braved it one day..

    Congrats again to the boys.. exciting times.. looks like you took the photo as soon as you left the RTA? hehe

    ciao xxx Julie

  2. Well done boys. Don't hoon around, stop at pedestrian crossings and red lights and use the finger wisely. xx

  3. Exciting times ahead for these good looking young men. If they see my P plater daughter driving around remember to 'keep your eyes on the road boys!!' x

  4. He he, they look really pleased to be having their photo taken...NOT!!

  5. Can you imagine the torture of having to do 100hrs with twins!

  6. Does this mean you have an extra pickup driver? I can imagine it's a bitter/sweet milestone. Congratulations to them both... good luck with the next 100 hours. I still vividly remember the shoulder check mantra, look in all your mirrors; and how about the parallel parking. Ha! x

  7. COngrats to the boys! When my daughter got her license I was so relieved not to have to ferry her around any more!

  8. Well done boys! I am dreading that 100 hour thing but I still have a couple of years. ;-)

  9. Oh WOW!!!! Times are a changing!!!! I have that song in my head now!!! X

  10. Congrats all round! We were thankful the govt. didn't bring in the 200 hour block.

  11. I've have to let you know when I'm at the same stage - one is on his L's and one planning to soon. Hey! I've updated Stanley St E Precinkt Not sure if this link will work here - but would love you to send it out to your lovely readers.

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