Saturday, August 13, 2011

Saturday Omnibus ~ Where did the week go?

Okay are you ready ? This week has zoomed by yet again so this weeks omnibus is a super biggie but I have so much to show you that it is just going to all get piled in.
This week we have been busy trying to clear all the goodies in the dining room and restocking the WAC and Garden Centre till they are almost bursting with vintage wonderfulness.

We picked up this cute little cupboard,
and fabulous rocking chair.

I have restocked the fabric ,
and sewing treasures, new, old buttons,
threads, handbag know the cane and timber ones where you make the bag bit.
Too cute and very groovy cane occasional tables of different shapes.

Costume jewellery plus heaps more.
But what's this you say ? Another full dining table ? Yes, believe it or not this room was empty when I left yesterday to head to the WAC and when I returned....yes it was full again.
I love this clock...
and a great touch that is has Brisbane on it's face.

I have been on the look out for a large pinky trimmed bowl for a good friend who I gave a stunning Victorian, water jug to, that didn't have a bowl,  a few years back much fun when you get something you know someone is going to LOVE and totally go crazy over when she sees.
More jewels
Sarah B look away now....he he...tiny stuffed crocodile...hmmmm
HUGE clam shells. Need a good clean but these will certainly make a statement in someone's home.
And meet the lovely Ajanta. Some of you who are regular visitors to the WAC may already know her as she is one of the fabulous shop girls there. Ajanta is my new WAC neighbour. Her shop is called "Little 33" which I think is very cool. In this photo she is showing off some of her undergarments...yes you read that right. Among other lovely goodies Ajanta will be selling these amazing knickers...
Soooo cute !!

Very cool boy's ones too.
This is how her stall looked when I left the WAC yesterday and she was still setting up.
By today it looked like this.....ta da...very groovy!!
On the home front someone had a birthday and look what he got. Here he is playing with his present.
My latest keeper and family member. Proof that I keep the most ridiculous things out of all the goodies we get. But I just adored him. He is all wobbly a  bit like a puppet. He reminds me of another famous blogging horse... This guy could be his Grandfather I guess.
Finally to end on, my geraniums in my window box are blooming and adding a spark of loveliness to my otherwise desert like garden. Seems strange for a Brisbanite to say but it would be great to get some rain.
Hope you all have had a lovely week.


  1. What a range of treasures! I can't wait to come up for a look! I was eyeing of the jewels and looking at those sewing supplies! Your geraniums look gorgeous! Happy weekend! X

  2. I like your title "Saturday Omnibus". It reminds me of cold winter afternoons in London watching the "omnibus" editions of the english soaps.

    I still haven't been into your store - don't know why because it looks great!

  3. Boy you have been busy yet again Katherine.

  4. Oh my, that poor little critter! He didn't have much of a life did he?
    I know someone else who would love that arcade game. It look great :)

  5. Best wishes to Kristen! Is is pacman or space invaders? Love those clams! xx

  6. Amazing things you find and I want to know the same as Brismod.My fav was space invaders Id love one even now.

  7. Please tell me that wasnt an eighties arcade game of Gyrus..?????

  8. Ah I used to have one of those table top game thingys, I had pac man, it was awesome. I too have the 'full table' problem again, mine has to wait until after the fair though, lucky my table is under the house, I guess keeping your smalls upstairs makes you keep on top of it :)

  9. Whoa...great stuff. Love the little horsey, and the clam shells are amazing!


  10. The game Kristen is playing in the picture is Scramble. We have bought and sold a few old tabletops and standups over the years. But we bought this one new from a local Morningside business as it has 60 games on it in there original format including Space Invaders Pacman and Gyrus.

  11. those clam shells are spectacular! I was in the WAC today and saw your lovely restored work bench - what a great piece :)


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