Saturday, August 6, 2011

Saturday Omnibus ~ This weeks Estate Goodies

Another week spent chasing my tail so apologies again for no blogging. My dining room is filling up and this week the dining table has spilled over onto the floor. Here are some of the favourites of the bric a brac from the estates we have been to this week. There are so many goodies so don't forget to click on the photos to enlarge, if you want to have a closer look.

Didn't even realise until I took this photo that there is a West German vase hidden in the old sieve on the side. You can just see the touch of red.
Darling little perfume bottle.

Can you guess what these are ? They are dentists mirrors.
Darling little glove clip.
There are little goodies tucked in everywhere on the table.
Art Deco Sterling Silver compact.
Love the look of this old fan. I had to unscrew him off a wall which is sometimes a challenge but it was worth it.
Dainty food cover and I love the shape of the copper pot.
Hope you have a lovely weekend. It is an absolutely glorious winter's day here in Brissie.


  1. Wow! that lot of gorgeous goodies will keep you busy.There will be no eating at the table this week.Love the thermometers,the fan,the calender.....

  2. Love the food cover, I would love to see it spray painted baby pink! Yes, what a stunner of a day today xx

  3. my! you have been busy! where do you find dentist mirrors!!??? have a great weekend. karen

  4. What a lovely interesting bunch of eyes are peering everywhere in your pictures :) I did spot some twine that could be good for my macrame? And about 50 other things I would love if I had room. Love the dentist mirrors too!
    x Tracey

  5. Oh wow! Happy sorting! I looks like it would be fun... Though perhaps a bit of hard work! X


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