Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pictures of some of the items I am selling on ebay this week

  We have had a really good break from ebay, nearly 6 weeks I think. But the time has come due to a overflow of stock, to list some pieces that Kristen and I cannot hope to paint and or restore. It feels really good to sell some things that don't need, cleaning or nailing or sanding or painting or a combination of all those tasks and more.
  Below are some pictures of some of the dozen and a half items we have for no reserve auction this week on ebay.


  1. Some great items there Katherine. I could see some of them done up with a lick of paint. ;-)

  2. Oh I am in love with those step up drawers...oh the craft possibilties and as for the French style kitchen cupboard...I could have a collection of them, lots of gorgeous finds on eBay this week.
    Have a great week..will catch up soon, Kiss Noises Linda

  3. Oh how I WISH I was CLOSER Katherine....You have some AWESOME items I'd HAPPILY take off your hands....!

    Tamarah :o)

  4. Lots of cool stuff! Lucky I don't live nearby or I'd be very tempted :)

  5. Hi Katherine, ditto for what Tamarah said. I also love the old watering can in the last?? post.

    Could you believe the 'dinner' in the Beverly Hills Housewives..OMG! Enjoying them all, I bet you are too.

    Hope Lotte is well, Tam

  6. So many things Katherine. I bet it is full to the brim in your store room!xx

  7. Where on earth do you get this amazing stuff?! I LOVE those step drawers!!!

  8. This is not fair! Every photo keep getting better and better. My kayak must be overflowing by now.

  9. I agree, those step up drawers are fabulous! You have some great stuff there! I wish I had such a good eye and could find these kinds of goodies!

    Best wishes,

  10. Some gorgeous cupboards there. I really wish I had more room.
    Pam x

  11. wow you really do have some fantastic stuff!
    alicia :)


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