Tuesday, October 13, 2009

To paint or not to paint that is the question?

Sometimes when we first get an item I think ~ that will look great with a coat of white paint . Then once I have cleaned the item and the mixture of old paint and rusty metal is all cleaned up I think I am not sure if paint is really the way to go. The paint everything white philosophy is very popular today but sometimes don't you just love a bit of natural time patina and rusty finishes. After all paint goes on much easier than it comes off. These items are all off to the Cottage garden Nursery 999 Stanley st East, East Brisbane.
With a bit of imagination the old tools make great garden art on a wall or leaning in the garden and the old bird cage looks fun with big candles or a plant inside hanging on a verandah. And the plant stands would also look great doubled as a candle holder don't you think??
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  1. Personally...I'd paint the metal and not the wood !


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