Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Favourite ~ Hidden treasures

One of the little joys about our job is the fun of discovering what I call hidden treasures. This week there were a few, but one I thought I would highlight as a favourite was this cute bedroom or occassional chair.
I love this style of chair and am always drawn to them. You may remember it, as it looks in the first picture, from a previous blog earlier this week. When I had a chance to have a good look at it I realised the covering was a slip cover that some clever person had made. Usually people do this as the fabric underneath is damaged, stained etc. So initially as I saw the first peep of the original fabric underneath, I thought damn, the original fabric is so lovely what a shame!
So you can imagine I was very pleased when it turned out that not only was the original fabric lovely but I can find no trace of damage or stains and it has lovely pleats, piping and upholstery studs on the back. So it is off to find a new home for this lovely hidden treasure.
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  1. Good grief, who would cover that up?!?!? What a lovely surprise for you.

  2. Hi Katherine how are you. I have just nominated you as a Kreativ Blogger head over to get your reward. Love that chair - have a good weekend. Sandy

  3. Oh my goodness - what a fabulous find!! I have a chair just like that one that I found at a vintage store, but alas, I had to get mine recovered.

  4. one of those rare finds indeed!


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